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Music in the Metaverse – The Chainsmokers – So Far So Good – Collection | OpenSea


We are not equipped for this yet but we like where it is going. Metaverse 2.0 is around the corner with better algorithms and more stable, stable coins.

Until that time, royal.io has figured out a way for Songwriters to make money upfront from their music and give back to those who have bought in on their music.

Buying one of these tokens, allows you to “own” a percentage of the master streaming royalty rights allegedly. So when they go platinum, you also gain a percentage of the streaming profits. Sounds fun. Looking forward to seeing how this tech matures.

Click the original link here https://royal.io/editions/thechainsmokers-sofarsogood?utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=chainsmokers&utm_content=live

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